CBDium is a natural medicine with enormous healing potential

Cannabis Sativa is helping mankind more than 5000 years. Today, according to research, it can do even more. CBDium treats many disorders and diseases like insomnia, psoriasis, it helps against the growth of cancerous cells and many more. For many people, it can feel like magic, and this is the feeling which was captured in new visual identity and packaging. Healthy, healing and a little bit magical.
CBDium CBDium
Hemp M&S GmbH uses only 100% organic hemp grown in Austria without the use of any chemicals. They helped to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 550 tons in three years. Ecology is the core value of company and it has been introduced in packaging with various recycled materials.

New visual identity was applied to 4 product ranges, 12 products and 12 multipacks.

The volume of CBD is displayed by the intensity of green colour and leaf nervation as various abstract lines. The strongest product is dark green with the most lines.

To highlight these products with extraordinary features we used unusual material like holographic foil used on the type. Alltogether it makes a unique combination of materials, colours and graphics.
Michal Slovak
My name is Michal Slovák and I am a senior graphic designer based in Slovak Republic. My specialties are branding and packaging.

In my 9+ years of experience I have worked with companies from Honduras to California, from New York to Prague, from Bratislava to Melbourne.

My design for LYRA Chocolate has won the Packaging of the Year 2017 Award for the best food packaging design in Czech and Slovak Republic and WorldStar Packaging Award. In 2018, the packaging design for Lyra Chocolate Naša Collection was awarded the Slovak National Design Award. In 2020, I was member of the international jury for Zlin Design Week. As of 2021 my designs have been printed on more than 40 million packages.

In 2013 I co-founded a beverage company Jablčnô which produces genuine apple cider. We’ve been featured on Forbes, Trend and HN.

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